Accurate Impairment Reports Have Never Been Easier

All we need is the data from your patient's measurements, or an existing impairment report, and we will return an objective, accurate report in a matter of days.

Send It and Forget It

Simply deliver your report via fax, secured email, snail mail, and receive your completed report through your preferred media.

Safe and Secure

Your records are our highest priority. Our secure database keeps your records locked up tight.

Efficient and Effective

Use RateFast Express to save time and expense—not only for your organization, but for all stakeholders. Contact us for details on pricing.

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Listen to an explanation below, from CEO/founder John Alchemy, MD.

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Medical Providers

With RateFast Express, any medical practice can become a workers' comp clinic. Increase revenue to your practice with minimal effort.

In addition to a correct impairment rating, your impairment reports will include apportionment and future care.

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Patient Resources

What is a PR4 Exam?

¿Qué es un examen PR-4?

Insurance Adjusters

Can't find a physician to close your claim? Fax us the claim information, then receive a completed impairment ready for the PTP to sign.

Have an inaccurate impairment report? We will validate the whole person impairment, MMI date, apportionment, and completeness of the report.