RateFast FAQ

What is RateFast?

RateFast is a web application for writing California workers’ compensation reports and calculating impairment ratings.

Who benefits from RateFast?

If you’re a California medical provider and you handle work-related injuries (or if you would like to start), then RateFast can revolutionize the workflow in your practice.

My practice uses an EMR. Why do I need RateFast?

First of all, RateFast isn’t an EMR, it’s more of an add-on or an extension. It’s a tool for writing work-comp reports and calculating impairment ratings. It could connect with your EMR software, but it should never replace it.

RateFast supplements your EMR, which has probably not been designed to guide users through a workers’ compensation interview and exam. If you try to write a truly complete work-comp visit note (such as a Doctor’s First report, PR-2 report, or PR-4 report) using an EMR, then we guarantee you’ll miss some crucial questions that will ultimately result in an incorrect impairment rating for the work injury.

What do I need to run RateFast?

The short answer: a device with an internet connection and a web browser. No downloads or installations required. Just make a free account on rate-fast.com/signup and start reporting. Click here for the long answer regarding RateFast’s system requirements.

I’ve already got my own process for completing workers’ compensation reports. Can RateFast help me?

Yes. Even if you’re a workers’ compensation expert, RateFast can save you hours of time. RateFast members effectively enjoy an increased hourly rate by letting RateFast crunch the numbers and calculate the whole person impairment rating. Just submit your PR-4 report for rating after you’ve finished entering all the exam data and go home early. You’ll be alerted via email when your report has been rated. All ratings are fully justifiable, and include references to every relevant section of the AMA Guides.

I’m an attorney or a claims adjuster. Can I use RateFast check the accuracy of a medical provider’s impairment rating?

Yes. RateFast can be used to check reports and impairment ratings for completeness, accuracy, and detail. Attorneys and administrative professionals should know exactly what information is missing from the report they are reviewing. If you’re an attorney or an insurance carrier and you’d like to know how RateFast can help you review the accuracy of an impairment rating, send us an email or give us a call at 707.304.5949.

How long does it take for RateFast to give me my impairment rating?

Two business days or less. Reports are securely returned to you online, complete with an impairment rating calculated in total accordance with the AMA Guides. Our ratings include references and citations to relevant chapters and pages, as well as comments to aid the reader in understanding.

My clinic doesn’t do many workers’ compensation reports. Should we still use RateFast?

Whether you’re submitting one Doctor’s First report a month or twenty PR-2 reports a day, you can benefit from RateFast. The service is pay-as-you-use, so your clinic doesn’t risk racking up unnecessary bills.

You might be just starting workers’ comp or you might be a seasoned pro—either way, RateFast saves you time, and no practice has time to waste.