RateFast Podcast: The Pain About… Pain!

Dr. John Alchemy and Cory Oleson discuss the proper way for a workers’ comp physician to measure patient pain, and some of the common mistakes made in measuring pain that extends work comp claims longer than they need to be.

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On a Scale from 1 to 10 – Measuring Subjective Pain

In workers’ compensation, it’s absolutely crucial to correctly detail the workers’ subjective residuals of their injury. This is because measuring objective factors like a limited range of motion are less tangible than concepts like pain, and aren’t always an accurate account of the extent that the injury affects the patient’s day-to-day life.
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The RateFast Parity Calculator: Tuning Dissonance into Harmony

A workers’ comp insurance adjuster receives a report saying that the patient, an injured worker, has been able to carry out all of their day-to-day functions with no sort of hindrance from their sustained work injury. The doctors measurements say that they have lost all use of their injured body part. Did that make any bells go off for you?

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RateFast Podcast: The RateFast Parity Calculator – Harmony and Dissonance in Work Comp Reports

Dr. John Alchemy describes the new feature of RateFast: the Parity Calculator, and illustrates the importance of keeping congruence between objective findings and subjective measurements when writing a workers’ comp report.

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Video Series: PR-4 Reports Explained!

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How to Get a RateFast Report ID Number

If you are having difficulty with a RateFast report, a RateFast support representative may ask you for the “report ID,” which is the report’s unique identifying number.

The report ID can be found in the upper right corner of the screen when you are viewing a report.

If you are asked for the report ID number, copy this number from the RateFast report in your web browser, and paste it into an email to your support representative.