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Welcome to the RateFast Express landing page for Genex case managers.

This website is a hub with answers to commonly asked questions and links to documents used in the RateFast Express process.

What is RateFast Express?

RateFast Express is an impairment rating tool used by Genex case managers to assist physicians in preparing impairment rating reports (PR-4 reports).

After sending selected chart documents to RateFast, RateFast Express users will soon receive an impairment rating report for a workplace injury claim.

When is my case ready for RateFast Express?

An injured body part is ready for a RateFast Express impairment rating when the body part has reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). An injured body part is likely MMI in the following example scenarios:

  • Six month post-injury and no further intervention planned for the injured body part.
  • Six month post-surgery on the injured body part and no further recovery expected.
  • Returned to full duty with with no further active care planned for the injured body part.
  • Returned to full duty with no residual signs or symptoms related to the injured body part.

You can easily determine if an injured body part has reached MMI using the RateFast MMI Calculator.

How does RateFast Express help your doctors?

Helps doctors maintain compliance with impairment ratings and state regulations.

Creates an accurate state-compliant report based on the doctor’s own findings: patient history, medical exam, and opinions.

RateFast Express reports address all required areas: impairment rating, apportionment, pain add on, return to work limitations.

Doctor may be entitled to administrative billing fees upon signing the RateFast Express report under OMFS WC004.

Relieves the doctor of the burden of writing the report and calculating the impairment rating and apportionment. RateFast Express saves time and improves accuracy.

How do I authorize RateFast Express for my case?

For a full explanation of the step-by-step process, please see the RateFast Express process guide for Genex.

Notify the insurance adjuster:

  • The claim has been determined to be MMI by the doctor.
  • The doctor has elected to use the RateFast Express service to assist in the generation of the impairment report.
  • RateFast Express improves accuracy of the report, maintains compliance with regulations, and minimizes claim settlement cost.

Then, request authorization for the RateFast Express service using the RateFast Express cover sheet.

RateFast Express Video Tutorial

How do I submit my case to RateFast for an impairment rating?

Click here for the step-by-step process guide of how to submit a case to RateFast and receive an impairment rating.


Impairment Rating Overview

Process Tutorial

  1. Gathering Documentation
  2. Obtain Authorization
  3. Submit the Case to RateFast
  4. Receive the RateFast Express Report

Resources for Your Doctors

To help physicians write better workers’ compensation reports, RateFast has created checklists of the elements that should be included in every physician’s progress note (the California PR-2 report).

PR-2 checklist: for physical injuries.

PR-2 checklist for psychological injuries.

RateFast for Genex: Intro and Process video

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