Occupational Telemedicine: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Occupational Telemedicine?

  • Occupational Telemedicine is the new, efficient way to provide medical care for employees who are injured on the job.

How does Occupational Telemedicine work?

  • When an employee gets hurt at work, he or she has an online meeting with a doctor using video and voice chat on a computer or mobile device.
  • If necessary, the employee can go to a clinic to receive care in-person. However, a large number of workplace injuries do not require going to a hospital.
  • As the injury heals, the injured worker can have quick and periodic follow-up medical visits doctors online (or in person, if necessary) at times that best fit the business’s schedule.

What are the benefits to my business?

  • Improved productivity. Your employees will spend less time driving to the hospital and more time at work.
  • Improved communication. Managers can speak directly with doctors, which prevents miscommunication about the types of work that your employees can and cannot safely perform while they recover from their injuries.

What are the benefits to my employees?

  • Convenience. Employees can receive medical attention without travelling or missing work.
  • Increased availability. Meeting online allows for high flexibility when scheduling appointments.
  • Fast support. If an employee’s medical condition changes or if an employee has a question, then the employer or the business can contact the medical provider on the same day.

Will there be additional costs for my business?

  • No. Our Occupational Telemedicine service is simply an extension to the services already provided by traditional brick-and-mortar medical clinics.

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