Video Series: PR-4 Reports Explained!

Welcome to the RateFast Video Series, PR-4 Reports Explained!

This video series is intended to show those who are new (and even some who are experienced) to workers’ compensation to give valuable information on writing the PR-4 Permanent Stationary report. If you have any questions, or if you would like to give RateFast or RateFast Express a try, visit our website at or email us at
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COVID-19: The 3 Exposure Levels of Risk for Healthcare Personnel According to the CDC

*Note: This article conveys information from a professional medical paper, but is not meant to be used as a practical guideline in-and-of-itself. Instead, we encourage readers to read the linked CDC paper that the following article draws from.


  • HCP – Healthcare Personnel
  • PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

The COVID-19 novel coronavirus needs no introduction, unfortunately. In the current pandemic, medical professionals are doing everything in their power to help those who have been affected on top of their usual duties and procedures that still need tending to.

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RateFast Hyper App: Behind the Scenes

RateFast Hyperapp is an impairment rating tool under development by RateFast that dramatically reduces the time necessary to create a valid impairment rating report.

Impairment calculation is a process with a long storied history of poor and incorrect outcomes due to provider variability when it comes to understanding the questions and physical examination required for an accurate impairment rating. Furthermore, many workers compensation cases have a limited amount of exam data (for example, a provider may not have asked the patient how much their pain limits their activities of daily living) or poor quality data (a provider may not have taken the correct amount of measurements of the patient’s range of motion), which limits the ability to generate an impairment rating.

RateFast Hyperapp address both of these challenges, allowing stakeholders to generate an impairment rating using an imperfect report.
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