RateFast Announces Partnership With athenahealth!

RateFast is excited to announce our partnership with healthcare technology network, athenathealth!

Check out RateFast’s page in the athenahealth marketplace!

With this collaboration, any clinic using the athenahealth EHR can connect to RateFast securely using their athenahealth login information. This means automatically transferring patient information seamlessly between athenahealth and RateFast.

About athenahealth

The athenahealth EHR (Electronic Health Records) platform allows clinics access to hundreds of secure apps through a central account.

athenahealth is a forerunner in the initiative to revolutionize medical care with technology. Their mission is to enable physicians and their practices to enhance their productivity by providing quality virtual tools from third party software companies such as RateFast.

athenahealth x RateFast

The RateFast / athenahealth integration makes it easier than ever to be connected by eliminating the need to log into both networks independently.

If your organization has integrated its athenahealth account with RateFast, then you will be able to login to RateFast from within athenahealth at the click of a button. No need to remember another username or password.

Patient information is integrated seamlessly into the RateFast interface, eliminating the need to enter a patient’s information into multiple systems. This saves your clinic time and keeps your patients’ information consistent across the board.

RateFast joins the ranks of a group of respected software companies in the athenahealth Marketplace, which puts the best of medical software right in front of you. This way, you can pick and choose from the expansive list of partners to pick the combination of software solutions that works best for your team.

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