Published Research by Dr. John Alchemy

Here is a list of papers written by RateFast Founder and CEO Dr. John Alchemy et. al, published in various scholarly journals

  1. A Novel Method of Monofilament Force Testing for Nerve Sensory Loss in Telemedicine
  2. A Quantitative Shoulder Strength Testing Method for in-Person and Telemedicine Examinations
  3. Verifying the Accuracy of Digital Goniometer Range of Motion Measurements for In-Person and Telemedicine Visits
  4. Occupational Telemedicine for Pinch Strength Testing: A Pilot Study of Methods for At-Home Measurement
  5. A Pilot Study for at-Home Measurement of Grip Strength via Telemedicine

Department of Industrial Relations Medical Unit Educational Papers

  1. Activities of Daily Living AMA Guides 5th Edition: A Practical Approach and Application
  2. Skin Impairment Rating: Chapter 8 AMA Guides 5th Edition: A Systematic and Objective Approach

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