Rate-fast.com Is Going National, and We Are Open During Construction

RateFast is excited to announce that we are going national!

Over the past few years, RateFast has provided AMA Guides 5th Edition impairment ratings and workers’ comp solutions for providers, insurance administrators, and other stakeholders in California. But soon, the RateFast platform will be updated to provide anybody in the U.S. with quality impairment ratings, reviews, and reporting services.

All RateFast ratings will adhere to the state’s rule set for determining impairment/permanent partial disability, or each state’s designated version of the AMA Guides.

RateFast will adapt its impairment rating forms to each of the state’s specifications, and provide a consistent reporting format in states which do not provide forms.

Our goal is to become the one-stop workers’ compensation for medical providers, insurance carriers, attorneys, employers, workers. To date, RateFast has already expanded into Florida, Tennessee, and Wyoming.

For Providers

Although we’re still updating our online platform to accommodate states other than California, we have worked with providers and insurance carriers in other states.

We can provide you with products and services customized to your state, AMA Guides version, and workflows, regardless of your location.

For Insurance Carriers

Please check out a list of our services here.


To find out how RateFast can help, please contact us for more information.

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