RateFast Welcomes Phil Walker

Phil-Walker-An-Introduction-250x375New Podcast

Over at the California Work Comp Report podcast, we’ve just released an episode featuring workers’ compensation attorney Phil Walker. 

Phil will be joining us for more podcasts as we explore the intersection of law, medicine, and patients’ needs in work comp.

You can check out the episode called “Attorneys in Workers’ Comp: A Historical Perspective” here, and you can also read a complimentary blog post.

About Phil

Phil has over 30 years experience in several different workers’ compensation systems from Canada to Mexico to the Rockies.

He is an expert on the AMA Guides, 5th edition (which California currently uses for evaluating and rating work injuries). Phil helps employers figure out if doctor’s work-comp reports are correct.

For more information about Phil and his services, you can visit his website here

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