The Eagle Has Landed. Its name is RateFast!

California workers’  compensation care delivery technology history was made by a partnership between Alchemy Logic System Inc., dba RateFast (Santa Rosa, CA) and KuraMD (Roseville, CA).

Santa Rosa, CA, October 11, 2016 at 4:38 p.m.pst

Dr. John Alchemy, MD, QME successfully connected to an injured worker for a PR-2 visit using the HIPAA secure environment of KuraMD telemedicine platform. A complete history and physical exam was performed, followed by the creation of a legally compliant PR-2 report and an MRI request for authorization (RFA) written on using only the Apple iPhone 6+ device. The iPhone was being simultaneously charged by a 2013 Tesla Model S 85 Kwh battery. This landmark event is the first documented instance of 100% mobile delivery of care to an injured worker.

Dr. Alchemy was later quoted saying, “I just never gave up hope. RateFast has already disrupted the category of workers’ compensation report writing and injury mapping. Now with KuraMD that delivery channel is totally mobile. Effective delivery of work comp care in California has just been turned on 24/7, anywhere, anytime-and it’s in your pocket now.”

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