What You Need to Know About Percentages in Work Comp

The AMA Guides are full of percentages and a strong conceptual understanding of “percentage” is essential. We know there may be those of you among us who don’t care for math or who downright don’t like it. Not to worry, the concept of percentage is a fun and easy topic when introduced properly.

There is a hierarchy of percentage values in the AMA Guides 5th Edition. For example the AMA guides are calculated in digits impairment, hand impairment, upper extremity impairment, whole person impairment. Likewise foot impairment, and lower extremity impairment. We would like to untap the sometimes confusing concepts of percentages.

On behalf of Rate Fast we have today Steve Williams who is a science and math educator at Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School. Sit back, relax, and take a front row seat in the class as we explore a better understanding of percentage.

Listen to our special lecture by clicking the link below:

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