Want to thrive in workers’ compensation as a medical provider?

Work Comp Central is offering a course on workers’ compensation called “Thriving as a Work Comp Medical Provider.”

If you complete the course, then you’ll earn CE credit!

Here’s the description from the website:

This four hour seminar is an interactive educational program designed for primary treating physicians and specialists managing injured workers. The course is ideally suited for practicing medical providers, chiropractors and office management staff who want to better understand the basics of a work comp practice. This curriculum focuses on helping you building a successful and profitable workers’ compensation practice.

– General overview of workers’ compensation for medical providers
– Essential medical report writing
– Creating a medical claim management strategy
– Unlocking the confusion of the PR4 Report
– Fit for duty and return to work fee for service exams
– Handling QME reports on your patients
– Successful digitization of your practice
– The Final Frontier of Work Comp Telemedicine

For completing the course, you’ll receive 4 Continuing Education Credits—4 MCLE Credits, 4 Claims Credits, or 4 Legal Specialization Credits.

Check it out here.

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