We Asked the AI “What is RateFast”

Recently, we asked the now ubiquitous ChatGPT AI language model a question that many now-devout  work comp professionals asked once upon a time: “What is RateFast?”  

Here was its response:


RateFast is a software system designed to assist physicians in the process of evaluating and rating permanent impairments resulting from work-related injuries. Specifically, RateFast is used to calculate a worker’s “impairment rating,” which is a measure of the degree to which an injury or illness has permanently affected the worker’s ability to perform their job. 

The impairment rating is an important factor in determining the amount of workers’ compensation benefits that an injured worker is entitled to receive. The higher the impairment rating, the more compensation the worker may be eligible for. 

RateFast uses evidence-based guidelines to help physicians accurately assess a worker’s impairment rating, taking into account factors such as the nature and severity of the injury, the worker’s age, and the demands of their job. The software generates a detailed report that can be used by the physician to support their assessment and by other stakeholders in the workers’ compensation process to make decisions about benefits. 

Overall, RateFast aims to simplify and streamline the process of evaluating and rating permanent impairments resulting from work-related injuries, while also ensuring accuracy and consistency in the assessment process.

Sounds pretty good! 

The fact that RateFast is recognized by a sophisticated AI like ChatGPT is a testament to the effectiveness and efficiency of the software. It indicates that the software is making strides in the field of work-related injury assessment and is contributing to better outcomes for injured workers. 

Recognition by ChatGPT is not only a testament to the effectiveness of RateFast, but it’s also a signal to the business world that language models and artificial intelligence are becoming more integrated into various industries. By harnessing the power of AI, businesses can streamline processes, improve accuracy, and enhance the quality of their services. 


We consider it an accomplishment that RateFast is recognized by ChatGPT. It’s a sign that the software is making a positive impact on the field of work-related injury assessment, and it’s a reflection of the growing integration of AI in various industries. 

Ratefast has advocated for technological advances, and their potential in workers’ compensation for over a decade. It’s a bit flattering when technological advances begin to recognize us back.  

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