3 Simple Reasons Why Your Clinic Can Start Accepting Worker’s Compensation Cases Again

You’d like to accept workers’ compensation claims, but it’s too much work for too little pay.

But what if worker’s comp could make your clinic more profitable, as well as helping the droves of injured workers who are constantly being turned away?

The main reason workers’ comp cases are the pariahs of the medical field is  because of the amount of time and paperwork needed to see a claim through from start  to finish. Some doctors have difficulty navigating the often-ambiguous strictures of the A.M.A. guides and thus don’t feel comfortable writing Permanent and Stationary reports
(PR-4 reports). Not to mention the terribly frustrating time requirement, the back and forth between insurance companies, employers, injured workers, and your own clinic, fighting with insurance companies over an impairment rating’s details, clarifying work restrictions…The list goes on. It’s just not worth it.

But what if you could answer the insurance company’s questions before they asked them? What if you had software that minimized the time spent completing PR-4 reports and maximized the profit? And what if the same software improved the accuracy of your reports so that they were the best in the state?

Well, it’s not hypothetical anymore. RateFast is here to help you complete injured workers’ cases faster and with more accuracy. Our easy to use cloud-based impairment rating system lets you fill out the report while you examine the patient. Once you step out of the exam room, you have a completely, correctly rated report back in your hands, ready to print and sign within three to five days. Sound too good to be true? Try it for  yourself today—for free.

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