Your Clinic Can Benefit from Workers’ Compensation Cases

Many clinics don’t want to deal with workers’ compensation cases. It’s understandable. They take a lot of time, paperwork, and effort.

Some doctors don’t feel comfortable writing Permanent and Stationary reports (PR-4 reports) because the 5th edition of the A.M.A. guides can be difficult to navigate.

Others get tired of squabbling with insurance companies or businesses or patients over the accuracy of an impairment rating, or the clarity of a patient’s work restrictions.

However, we believe that the problems associated with workers’ compensation cases can be solved.

Our impairment rating calculator (RateFast) automates the process of writing a PR-4 report, making it quick, easy, and lucrative to accept workers’ compensation cases.

Our easy to use cloud-based impairment rating calculator lets you fill out the report while you examine your patient.

RateFast automatically prompts you to ask the questions and take the measurements that are specific to your patient’s injuries.

What if you could answer the insurance company’s questions before they asked them? What if you had software that minimized the time spent completing PR-4 reports and maximized the profit? And what if the impairment ratings you gave were among the most accurate in California?

RateFast helps you complete injured workers’ cases faster and with more accuracy.

When you use RateFast, you don’t need to do any dictation.

You don’t need to take notes.

You don’t need to reread your notes.

You don’t need to calculate an impairment rating.

You don’t need to open the A.M.A. guides.

You don’t even need to write the report.

You simply examine your patient using our web-app, and three to five days later, you have an accurate impairment rating and a completed report that’s ready to print and sign within three to five days. There are no yearly fees either—you just pay as you go.

Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself today—for free.

Would you like to quickly make workers' compensation a more profitable and streamlined part of your medical practice? We've got you covered. Click here to check out RateFast Express.

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