How to Simplify ICD-10 Codes Using RateFast

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As of October 1st 2015, U.S. medical providers are required to use ICD-10 codes instead of ICD-9 codes.

Although there are more than 70,000 new codes (many of which feature an overwhelming amount of specificity) we believe that this transition can—and should—be simplified with the help of medical software.

Our philosophy is that doctors and clinic staff members shouldn’t waste time digging through billing codes that match their diagnosis. We should simply use apps that prompt doctors to give all the information about the injury in order to produce the correct code (what side of the body it’s on, how it happened, whether or not the condition has been treated before, etc.).

How RateFast Accomodates ICD-10

The latest version of the RateFast platform includes ICD-10 codes in the “Diagnoses” section of Doctor’s First, PR-2, and PR-4 reports. Doctors and other users can easily pick the conditions that are affecting their patient by reading through the menu of common diagnoses. The ICD-10 code will appear in the work comp report automatically.

RateFast ICD-10 codes

Also in the Diagnoses section there is now a convenient link to—a handy resource for looking up diagnosis codes, and converting ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes. Just click on the link at the top of each “Diagnoses” page and the ICD10Data website will open in a new tab in your browser.

If you can’t find the ICD-10 code you’re looking for in the “Diagnoses” section, then you can simply type in your ICD-10 codes in the text areas at the bottom of each “Diagnoses” page.

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