COVID-19 Specific Work Comp Impairment Ratings with RateFast Express

According to the Calfornia Workers’ Compensation Institute, In December of 2020, 52% of all California workers’ compensation claims were COVID-19 related.

A year into the pandemic, the symptoms and after effects of COVID-19 should be familiarto just about every physician whether they are in workers’ comp or not. Yet as with just about every other medical issue, provisions for workers’ compensation lags behind the rest of the field with regardto protocol. That’s why RateFast Express has once again stepped in to lend a hand to workers’ comp professionals.

RateFast Express now offers COVID-19 specific impairment ratings!

The RateFast Express COVID-19 Impairment Rating

To the user, the RateFast Express COVID-19 Impairment Rating looks the same as the classic RateFast Express report. All of the heavy lifting is done on our end. So what does that mean?

Workers’ comp professionals know that the outcome of the final impairment rating of the claim depends upon the data taken from the ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). COVID-19 can have a tremendous effect on every ADL, and as such, as many ADLs should be taken into account as possible to ensure a complete and accurate impairment rating.

RateFast Express for COVID-19 impairment makes a side-by-side comparison of all of the patient’s data, with the known symptoms and complications of a person affected with the virus, to give a comprehensive, accurate and defensible account of how the illness has affected them. This way, the PTP ensuresthe patient gets care proportional to the severity of their illness, and ensures that future care is sufficient to accommodate any lasting complications. As with all of our ratings, we can write a complete COVID-19 impairment report with data that the physician collects from the patient via telemedicine. Heck, we encourage you to conduct all of your COVID-19 appointments this way.

RateFast Express customers know that this is the same sort of attention to detail that we provide for all of our workers’ comp injuries. However, the severity and scope of COVID-19 claims has caused an unprecedented amount of workers’ comp claims that, while sharing the same root-cause, has a great deal of variety in the way that it manifests in each patient. It’s only through our time-tested method of writing workers’ comp impairment reports that we can ensure that you have the best impairment report possible.

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