FREE RateFast CDC COVID-19 Risk Assessment Tool

The RateFast CDC COVID-19 Risk Assessment tool is based on the CDC COVID-19 Guidelines for Risk Assessment.

The link for the tool can be found here:

It is a tool meant to instantaneously know the risk level of your clinic’s staff while helping patients during the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

The CDC COVID-19 Guidelines for Risk Assessment is a very helpful tool for analyzing the situations that heighten or lower risk for transmission of COVID-19 for Healthcare Professionals (referred to as HCP in the CDC paper), but determining the risk level of staff by the paper alone can be time consuming in a time when there is very little free time to spend.

Using the RateFast COVID-19 CDC Risk Assessment Tool, the risk level can be calculated instantly from our free browser-based app.

Again, this app is free and requires only an email address so that RateFast can send the password to the calculator tool. Please use it to ensure the safety of you and your clinic’s staff!

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