How RateFast Benefits Your Medical Practice

Update for 2021: RateFast Express is an even easier alternative to the wonderful RateFast software. We write your workers’ comp impairment reports for you. Try RateFast Express today!

When most medical professionals think of workers’ compensation, the terms “painless,” “fast,” and “easy” do not leap to mind.

However, we believe that the problems associated with workers’ compensation cases can be solved.

RateFast is a cloud-based application that makes workers’ compensation fast, easy, and lucrative for California providers.

While physicians and staff focus on patients, RateFast handles the dirty-work.

Here are just a few ways that RateFast saves your medical practice time:

  • When you use RateFast, you don’t need to do any dictation or take any notes. All data is quickly entered into RateFast.
  • You don’t even need to write the report. As you check boxes and answer simple questions, your Doctor’s First, PR-2, and PR-4 reports are automatically filled out and formatted.
  • You don’t need to fill out RFAs. The app automatically generates and organizes Requests for Authorization forms as you order treatments.
  • You don’t need to write work status notes. Faxable work status notes are automatically generated as you answer questions about the patient.
  • You don’t need to calculate an impairment rating. The system prompts you to ask all questions that are relevant to the patient’s whole person impairment. Then, the system calculates an accurate and fully justifiable impairment rating using proprietary algorithms that are rooted in the AMA Guides 5th Edition.

The bottom line: if you’re a California medical provider or work in a California medical clinic, we believe you can benefit from RateFast.

No installations. No downloads. No obligation. No risk. Free training and support.

Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself. Join for free.

All you need is an email address and a desire to improve the California workers’ compensation system.

If you join before the end of January 2017, you will even receive a 50% discount on all reports for the next six months!

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