RateFast Exams

On this page you will find a series of videos that cover various body system exams

Table of Contents

  1. Shoulder Exam
  2. Elbow Exam
  3. Finger Exam
  4. Cervical Spine Exam
  5. Thoracic Spine Exam
  6. Lumbar Spine Exam
  7. Hip Exam
  8. Knee Exam
  9. Ankle Exam
  10. Great Toe Exam
  11. Thumb Exam
  12. RateFast Lumbar Spine Exam
  13. What is a CA PR-4 Permanent and Stationary Report?

Shoulder Exam

Elbow Exam

Wrist Exam

Finger Exam

Cervical Spine Exam

Thoracic Spine Exam

Lumbar Spine Exam

Hip Exam

Knee Exam

Ankle Exam

Great Toe Exam

Thumb Exam

Lumbar Spine Exam

What is a CA PR-4 Permanent & Stationary Report?

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