RateFast: Finally, A Solution That Works

Who among us is frustrated with the broken process of creating California PR-4 reports?

See the patient in a hurried clinic schedule. Take some measurements, or maybe not. Scribble some notes on the paper chart. Place it on a stack to be done later, much later. Because there are so many other tasks to do without the required block of time necessary to write a PR-4 report.

Why do we repeat this process day after day, month after month, year after year?

Why? We’re too busy to find a solution.

Well, a solution just found you. The solution is RateFast.

RateFast is a web-based application like no other solution you have ever imagined. RateFast is complete point of service impairment reporting.

RateFast turns the ugly PR-4 report cycle on its head, and makes reporting simple, fast, profitable, and fun. Yep, we said “fun”.

Simply create an account, log in and in seconds you will be interviewing patients, taking guided measurements instructed by our interactive menus. All the while RateFast is transcribing your report and preparing the impairment rating while you are with the patient. Submit the report with the click of a mouse or the tap of an iPad.

At the end of your office visit your report is done. Yes, we said “done”, and that rhymes with “fun”.

…and best of all, with the extra time you finally get to meet those people who live in your house. They’re called your family.

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