RateFast: California Worker’s Compensation PR-4 Reports Get A Total Makeover

Creating California PR-4 Reports just got easier for California workers compensation primary treating physicians. Gone are the confusing patient visits, incomplete questions and physical exams. Forget wrestling late nights with the AMA Guides tables and charts. Introducing RateFast.

RateFast is the first cloud-based comprehensive platform for creating complete and accurate California PR-4 Impairment reports.

Doctors simply create an account and start reporting.

RateFast has simple easy to use menus that guide the doctor and patient through the impairment rating process in the exam room.

Menus are customized to each patient’s individual injury. RateFast transcribes the impairment report as the doctor inputs relevant symptoms and physical exam findings.

The doctor’s findings are used by RateFast to create objective and supportable medical conclusions, including a whole person impairment rating (%WPI), in an easy to understand format.

Everyone benefits from a fast and accurate impairment report done right the first time.

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