RateFast Hyper App: Behind the Scenes

RateFast Hyperapp is an impairment rating tool under development by RateFast that dramatically reduces the time necessary to create a valid impairment rating report.

Impairment calculation is a process with a long storied history of poor and incorrect outcomes due to provider variability when it comes to understanding the questions and physical examination required for an accurate impairment rating. Furthermore, many workers compensation cases have a limited amount of exam data (for example, a provider may not have asked the patient how much their pain limits their activities of daily living) or poor quality data (a provider may not have taken the correct amount of measurements of the patient’s range of motion), which limits the ability to generate an impairment rating.

RateFast Hyperapp address both of these challenges, allowing stakeholders to generate an impairment rating using an imperfect report.

How Does RateFast Hyperapp Work?

Designed by professional clinicians and statistical professionals, the proprietary RateFast Hyperapp asks for information about the patient’s exam. Next, when the user submits for calculation, the algorithm searches the data internally for consistency and creates an augmented data set to complete the report with the highest possible integrity and returns the final report with an impairment rating.

How Does The RateFast Hyperapp Help Workers’ Compensation Stakeholders?

The Hyperapp eliminates variability across different medical providers by creating impairment reports consistently, regardless of the user’s skill and experience. The RateFast Hyperapp, in addition to the final rating calculation, also provides the report elements of apportionment, the California Pain add on, AMA Guides 5th Ed Chapter 18 Pain, and future care.

How Accurate Is The RateFast Hyperapp?

The RateFast Hyperapp is 99% accurate when compared against impairment ratings calculated by a Qualified Medical Examiner. In a study comparing the impairment rating results from the two different methods, the Hyperapp impairment ratings and the QME impairment ratings were within 1% of each other—well within the 10% variance that is acceptable according to AMA Guides 5th Edition. Given the low variance, the Hyperapp is a valid alternative to a conventional impairment rating.


RateFast’s mission is to improve workers’ comp for all stakeholders. The RateFast Hyperapp is a critical tool to help standardize the quality and minimize the time to create accurate, fast impairment reports with on demand report writing. When using the Hyperapp, physicians can ensure the highest level of accuracy and efficiency based on data collection of varied integrity. The RateFast Hyerapp helps providers get on to the next patient with confidence, while providing a complete California workers’ compensation impairment report in a matter of minutes.

We will be reporting in the future when the RateFast Hyperapp goes live. For now, you can sign up free to start using the standard RateFast California Worker’s Compensation report writing tool (DFR, PR-2 and PR-4) here.

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