Frequently Asked Questions about Impairment Ratings

This article is intended for RateFast users who have questions about the Whole Person Impairment ratings that come with each PR-4 Permanent & Stationary work injury report.

This FAQ contains answers to a few common questions that we’ve received regarding RateFast impairment ratings.

We pride ourselves in the accuracy of our impairment ratings, and would be happy to explain how they are being calculated. If your question isn’t answered here, then please contact us with questions about your PR-4 report.

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What is Occupational Telemedicine?

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Our sister website recently created a downloadable FAQ about telemedicine in workers’ compensation—or “Occupational Telemedicine.”

If you’re in workers’ compensation and you’d like to learn more about how you can use telemedicine—online visits—to benefit your practice and patients, then just this might be worth reading.

Click here to download a printable list of Frequently Asked Questions about telemedicine for medical providers in work-comp.

A lot of RateFast members use telemedicine in conjunction with RateFast to great effect. Contact us for more information about how telemedicine can benefit your medical practice.