NueMD ICD-10 Code Lookup Tool

If part of your workflow involves looking up ICD-10 codes, you should check out NueMD’s ICD-10 Code Lookup tool.

This might be old news if you’re in the coding business, as the website is actually ranked #1 in Google’s search results when you search “icd-10 code lookup tool.”

It’s easy to see why. NueMD’s code lookup tool sports a clean interface and modern features that are geared toward engaging and keeping users.

When you create a free account, you can save your favorite codes in your own personal categories.

NueMD ICD-10

Other bells and whistles that are not often featured on other web-based coding tools include training in the form of several coding games, and the ability to search for common codes by your specialty—dermatology, infectious disease, podiatry, and others.

NueMD allows you to find codes by common abbreviations and keywords, giving it clear leg up when compared with one-way code search sites such as NueMD’s site is also less cluttered and less spammy than other tools like

The actual content about each code seems comparable to the code information provided by other services. I’m not a professional biller, but I didn’t notice any significant differences between NueMD and for the codes that I searched. However, NueMD has clearly put effort into making their tool stand out.


If you ever need to lookup codes online, NueMD’s app is worth a whirl. It has features and design-values that billers and other professionals in medicine should demand from their software.

Have you used NueMD’s ICD-10 code search tool? What was your experience? Do you have a different favorite tool for looking up codes? Let us know. Contact us by email or on social media.

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The Department of Transportation Gets Mobile App Support

We recently came across another reporting application. 3bExam is a web application developed by Bit by Bit in New York. Although 3bExam doesn’t have much to do with workers’ compensation, it is a platform designed for use by medical professionals to streamline a government-required examination: the DOT exam.

    • 3bExam aims to streamline the medical certification process for the Department of Transportation (DOT) driver physical exams.
    • This app allows medical providers to perform the DOT certifying exam using a mobile device or personal computer. The goal is to eliminate the old paper system and improve the guidance of the examiner while minimizing completion errors.
    • Designed for the cloud, this app allows users to access files across multiple devices.
    • 3bexam contains a menu driven dashboard which allows medical staff and provider to work as a team in collecting medical history and exam findings on the driver being examined.
      Report signatures are obtained while in the app. When the doctor completes the exam, the document is submitted to the electronic FMCSA database (currently a manual, and time-consuming process for the medical provider)
    • It is supported on all major browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari.
    • Bit by Bit plans to release the app in the Apple App store in the near future. However, a 3bExam app is available for custom download by the developers.

For up to 25 exams per month, the cost is $49. If you perform more than 25 exams in a month, then the price is $99 per month. Payment method is credit card on file and monthly invoicing.

We did not get a guest account for actual trial report writing, so we are unable to make a recommendation on the utility and functionality aspects of the 3bExam app.

The Bottom Line

If you perform multiple DOT exams in your medical practice, then 3bExam might be worth a try—or at least worth a free demo.

If you have used 3bExam, or work in relation to the DOT exam, then share your experiences in the comments section.

If you have an occupational medicine related mobile app you would like us to review, please contact us.

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