What’s an RFA, anyway?

If you’re in workers’ compensation in California, then you probably know that an RFA (“Request for Authorization”) is a standardized form distributed by the Department of Industrial Relations. Click here to view the official RFA form on the DIR website.

Click here to download a copy of the RFA form.

Medical providers need to complete an RFA for every treatment they order for the patient. The Utilization Review department of the insurance carrier must then review the RFA, and either approve or deny the request.

Each RFA includes the following:

  1. Basic information about the patient and the claim
  2. Diagnostic codes of the patient’s condition(s)
  3. The actual service that is being requested—such as medication, therapy, referrals, equipment, etc.

Failure to include any of this information may result in the insurance carrier sending the RFA back to the provider.

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Never Fill Out an RFA again: How to Write and Track RFAs in RateFast

Whenever you order a treatment for an injured worker, you also need to complete a Request for Authorization form. Completing and keeping track of RFAs for every treatment and referral isn’t always easy. And it’s never fun. We know.

Fortunately, there’s now a solution.

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