Tech Tolerance: How Using an Impairment Rating Calculator Solves Problems

Some professionals are skeptical of incorporating new devices and software into their practices. And why shouldn’t we be? Sometimes we’re reluctant to use new technology because these supposedly helpful tools have learning curves, and can create new problems.

Who hasn’t had a moment of longing for the “good old days” before gadgets and network errors and faulty EMRs?

New tools around the workplace should solve problems without creating new ones, and give people new skills they didn’t have before.

As anybody who has read the A.M.A. guides can attest to, calculating an impairment rating is a difficult art. Doctors aren’t professional A.M.A. scholars—they’re doctors. Their job is to help people, not fill out paperwork.

Enter RateFast. We designed our impairment rating calculator to get away from the complexity of the modern work environment. No training is necessary.  RateFast walks you through every step of a workers’ compensation examination, and when you leave the exam room, the impairment rating calculator has already begun to calculate your patient’s impairment rating, and to format your report.

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