RateFast: California Worker’s Compensation PR-4 Reports Get A Total Makeover

Creating California PR-4 Reports just got easier for California workers compensation primary treating physicians. Gone are the confusing patient visits, incomplete questions and physical exams. Forget wrestling late nights with the AMA Guides tables and charts. Introducing RateFast.

RateFast is the first cloud-based comprehensive platform for creating complete and accurate California PR-4 Impairment reports.

Doctors simply create an account and start reporting.

RateFast has simple easy to use menus that guide the doctor and patient through the impairment rating process in the exam room.

Menus are customized to each patient’s individual injury. RateFast transcribes the impairment report as the doctor inputs relevant symptoms and physical exam findings.

The doctor’s findings are used by RateFast to create objective and supportable medical conclusions, including a whole person impairment rating (%WPI), in an easy to understand format.

Everyone benefits from a fast and accurate impairment report done right the first time.

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Tech Tolerance: How Using an Impairment Rating Calculator Solves Problems

Some professionals are skeptical of incorporating new devices and software into their practices. And why shouldn’t we be? Sometimes we’re reluctant to use new technology because these supposedly helpful tools have learning curves, and can create new problems.

Who hasn’t had a moment of longing for the “good old days” before gadgets and network errors and faulty EMRs?

New tools around the workplace should solve problems without creating new ones, and give people new skills they didn’t have before.

As anybody who has read the A.M.A. guides can attest to, calculating an impairment rating is a difficult art. Doctors aren’t professional A.M.A. scholars—they’re doctors. Their job is to help people, not fill out paperwork.

Enter RateFast. We designed our impairment rating calculator to get away from the complexity of the modern work environment. No training is necessary.  RateFast walks you through every step of a workers’ compensation examination, and when you leave the exam room, the impairment rating calculator has already begun to calculate your patient’s impairment rating, and to format your report.

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How an Impairment Rating Calculator Saves Millions on PR-4 Reports

When your employees get hurt on the job, a workers’ compensation case gets created. If you’re a CFO, then you want your company’s claims to close quickly—especially if you’re a self-insured business, and you pay for your own workers’ compensation insurance.

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation cases travel slowly, as you probably know if you’ve ever had a worker get injured on the job.

An injured worker’s case isn’t closed until a doctor files an accurate Permanent and Stationary report (PR-4 report). Seems simple enough, right?

It’s not. 98% of California’s Permanent and Stationary reports (PR-4 reports) and California impairment ratings are inaccurate. If a doctor submits an inaccurate report, then your employee can’t return to work, even if they’re capable of doing so. Another doctor called a QME will have to come and write yet another report, delaying the process even further.

This causes dispute between doctors, insurance companies, and businesses, which drags out the amount of time between when an injured worker’s claim opens and when it closes.

The longer a claim takes to get resolved, the longer your company needs to wait in PR-4 report purgatory. In between scheduling, busy offices, and the time it takes to complete paperwork, a single injured worker might cost you thousands of dollars.

You want to treat your injured worker well. But you also want to know if you need to find a replacement for their position, or if they’re going to be able to return to work—and you want to know soon. Inaccurate PR-4 reports causes delay that prevent businesses from moving forward.

But when you use an impairment rating calculator, such as RateFast, that expedites the process of worker’s comp cases, you could save millions of dollars over the long run.

RateFast’s mission is to solve the problems that the current workers’ compensation system causes for doctors, for insurance companies, and for self-insured businesses. Our impairment rating calculator gives accurate impairment ratings based on the 5th edition of the A.M.A. guides. RateFast also automates the process of writing, formatting, and submitting the report, which means that you can quickly welcome back your injured worker, or begin searching for a replacement. The accuracy of the reports is guaranteed to be in the top two percent of all PR-4 reports submitted in California.

Injuries hurt, but they don’t need to hurt your business. Make sure that your workers’ are examined by doctors who use RateFast. Try RateFast today.

Your Clinic Can Benefit from Workers’ Compensation Cases

Many clinics don’t want to deal with workers’ compensation cases. It’s understandable. They take a lot of time, paperwork, and effort.

Some doctors don’t feel comfortable writing Permanent and Stationary reports (PR-4 reports) because the 5th edition of the A.M.A. guides can be difficult to navigate.

Others get tired of squabbling with insurance companies or businesses or patients over the accuracy of an impairment rating, or the clarity of a patient’s work restrictions.

However, we believe that the problems associated with workers’ compensation cases can be solved.

Our impairment rating calculator (RateFast) automates the process of writing a PR-4 report, making it quick, easy, and lucrative to accept workers’ compensation cases.

Our easy to use cloud-based impairment rating calculator lets you fill out the report while you examine your patient.

RateFast automatically prompts you to ask the questions and take the measurements that are specific to your patient’s injuries.

What if you could answer the insurance company’s questions before they asked them? What if you had software that minimized the time spent completing PR-4 reports and maximized the profit? And what if the impairment ratings you gave were among the most accurate in California?

RateFast helps you complete injured workers’ cases faster and with more accuracy.

When you use RateFast, you don’t need to do any dictation.

You don’t need to take notes.

You don’t need to reread your notes.

You don’t need to calculate an impairment rating.

You don’t need to open the A.M.A. guides.

You don’t even need to write the report.

You simply examine your patient using our web-app, and three to five days later, you have an accurate impairment rating and a completed report that’s ready to print and sign within three to five days. There are no yearly fees either—you just pay as you go.

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